“The best thing is that Itula has good technical know-how and assistance”

Completed in autumn 2019, the logistics building on Makasiinikatu in Lahti is a major design-and-build-project for the Lahti LVI-Talo. From the beginning, Itula was a partner in designing the use of ItuString ceiling heating and cooling panels in the site. The result is a spectacular and energy-efficient, modern warehouse.


The logistics building was not the first joint project of the Lahti LVI-Talo and Itula.

- We have been in partnership with Itula for several years now and in addition to this, we have done two other significant projects together. With this project, the heating panels were a perfect choice, says Pasi Nyman, CEO of the Lahti LVI-Talo.

itula-nyman-1.jpgPasi Nyman, the CEO of  Lahden LVI-Talo, is pleased with the heating solutions for the logistics building.


From the beginning, Itula was involved in the design, measurement and selection of ceiling heating panels. The building has ItuString panels installed on the warehouse side and the office and door curtain panels are implemented with ItuGraf panels.

itula-nyman-4.jpgItuGraf panels also serve as door curtain panels for loading doors, eliminating the need for dust spreading and noisy air curtain blowers.

Itula offers good advice, guidance and supplies

- Eventually in terms of installation technology, ceiling heating panels are pretty simple and easy. Itula provided us with good advice, installation instructions and installation supplies. Installation was faster than we thought and even saved significant hours in installation technology, Nyman praises.

The benefit of the ceiling heating panels is also reflected in the uniformity of the heat. In a hall about 12 meters high, the temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling is at most one degree.

- There are no radiators. That was the choice we wanted to sell to our subscriber. Everyone has been happy, says Nyman.

itula-nyman-2.jpgThe heating and cooling in the office is managed by ItuGraf panels, which integrate well with the ceiling.

"Overall one of the best logistics buildings"

Nyman emphasizes the smooth cooperation and technical assistance of Itula. With the help of a reliable partner, the choice of ceiling heating and cooling panels is always the right one.

- I'm really proud of the fact that this target is completed, first of all with ceiling heating and cooling panels and second with geothermal heating. The client requested that the building is energy efficient and, of course, economical for the tenant. This is one of the best overall logistics buildings where I have personally been involved in, Nyman says.


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