Comprehensive expert services at all stages of the project

One of our guiding principles is our promise to be an expert who works closely with our customers. We are involved in most of our projects at every stage, from planning to finish. This means first-class product and system solutions that are sure to fit the site, as well as rapid responses, flexibility, reliability and technical support throughout the project.

It’s easy to be successful when you work with the pioneer in the industry

We are constantly developing ever more energy-efficient solutions in our own laboratory. We are the only company in Finland to manufacture radiant ceiling panel systems in our own factory. Our systems are innovative and the most efficient on the market. Our production process is designed to help builders, owners and users to carry out their operations more efficiently.

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We also develop and share our expertise for the industry’s benefit. Regular seminars and in-house training that we organise with our partners bring together top experts and professionals. We truly care about ensuring that future heating and cooling solutions are both environmentally friendly and economically viable.

We support our customers in all stages of the project

We offer our customers comprehensive expertise in project planning, modelling of heating and cooling systems, building technology design and logistics management, and, if necessary, also in system installation and testing.

Detailed information and the total prices right at the project planning stage

We support our customers in the selection of their system and focus on finding the most suitable heating and/or cooling solution for the site’s requirements and our customers’ specifications. We provide site-specific cost and savings estimates so that the decision between the different options is as easy to make as possible. Once the selection process is finished, the construction design can be started, and the construction proceeds in a cost-effective manner.

The best results are obtained when the designer and the contractor, together with our experts, take time during the project planning stage to discuss how panels and other building services equipment integrate into the ceiling in terms of cost and installation. Other terminal devices and sensors can be designed to be integrated into our heating and cooling panels, and they can be pre-installed at our factory. This allows the most efficient planning of installations and logistics and maximises the benefits of serial production.

Savings through the HVAC design phase calculations

We can perform energy simulations to determine the energy consumption and power requirements of a property. We use simulations to compare the indoor temperatures and energy consumption achieved with different HVAC systems and room devices. We also provide model device designs.

With the help of the calculations, we can find the best solution to meet our customers’ needs and the requirements of the site. When the calculations are solid, the systems are not oversized. We achieve great savings in the investment.

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A turnkey solution offers advantages in all stages of the project

Our expertise is at your disposal in all areas of the project. When the system is modelled and designed, and the installation method and final look are confirmed using a model room, we can be sure that the whole unit works as planned.

Our customers have the total project price, without any surprises, from the outset of the project. We recommend installation companies who are familiar with our systems and have years of experience in different types of sites. By being involved from the start, we want to make sure that our customers are happy with their systems even after the warranty period expires.

Technical support always available

Your project is not complete until all panels have been installed and commissioned as planned. Itula’s technical support is available to you in all situations, even if we have only supplied the materials for the site. The supply chain is intact and secure when the same partner looks after calculations, manufacturing and logistics.