ItuGraf cools Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra discreetly from the ceiling

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Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra is a friendly and vibrant city hotel. Jyväskylä Travel Centre, the fair and event centre Paviljonki and the key shopping areas and places to visit are all within walking distance. The 239 magnificent rooms offer plenty of choice. The hotel also has 15 meeting rooms, three restaurants and a cosy sauna with hot tubs.

Alexandra has been renovated several times over the years to better meet the demands of its guests. The most recent renovation took place in 2017-2018, when it was decided to install a Finnish-made ItuGraf cooling system in the renovated rooms. The state-of-the-art cooling system, which was installed on the ceiling, is almost invisible, but it plays a central role in producing great hotel experiences for the guests.

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The hydronic ItuGraf panel system effectively cools the hotel rooms without causing any draughts or noise. ItuGraf panels meet the hotel’s high standards of hygiene and they are also ideal for allergy-friendly rooms as the fanless system does not circulate dust and contaminants in the air. Thanks to the room-specific adjustment and the panels’ quick response time, the individual needs of the guests can also be catered for in terms of indoor conditions, as the room temperature can be adjusted to their liking. The off function can be used to switch off the cooling when a room is empty, which saves cooling energy. When a guest arrives at the hotel, the temperature can quickly be raised to a suitable level. 

Leena Lehosmaa, Hotel Manager at Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra, says that based on a few years of experience of the system, it has worked as expected and that the hotel has received positive feedback on the pleasant indoor conditions, especially on the hottest summer days. 

“We chose this system precisely because it is easy to use and customers can adjust the room temperature to suit themselves. It has been easy for our staff and customers to learn how to use the system. Radiative cooling also has the advantage of being free of draughts, which our customers appreciate. The ItuGraf system was easy to install retrospectively in the rooms without having to make any structural changes,” says Lehosmaa.

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Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra is in the Green Key environmental programme, which means that the hotel favours energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions in all its activities. Hotel Manager Leena Lehosmaa says that ecological values also played a key role in the selection of the cooling system.

“Sustainability is important to us, and what we liked about ItuGraf was that it was made in Finland, as well as its eco-friendliness and energy-efficiency. We also received good feedback on the system from Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi, which had the system installed earlier,” says Lehosmaa.

The life cycle cost of the ItuGraf cooling system is very low. Fast response to the adjustments and efficient cold transfer save a significant amount of energy while reducing the impact on the environment. Even after more than 50 years in use, all of its materials can be reused.            

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More information and images of Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra can be found on the hotel’s website.