ItuGraf meets the challenges of hospital environment

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Itula is the leading ceiling heating and cooling systems provider in the Finnish hospital construction sector. The recently completed hospital is already the fifth Pohjola Hospital site with the ItuGraf radiant ceiling heating and cooling system. Thanks to its many benefits, the system is in great demand in new hospital construction projects. The first Pohjola Hospital was opened in Helsinki in 2013. The second hospital, built in a historic setting by the Tammerkoski Rapids in Tampere, was followed by hospitals in Kuopio, Oulu and Turku.

Healthy and functional indoor climate

A good indoor climate is particular important in a hospital environment. High hygiene requirements and the needs created by the special category spaces in terms of ventilation, heating and cooling make hospitals exceptional building projects.

In hospital environments, a high level of hygiene and maintenance thereof are among the top criteria when selecting a heating and cooling solution. Good indoor climate quality and room conditions contribute to patient welfare and rehabilitation, which is, of course, the primary task for a hospital.

Radiant system meets high hygiene requirements

In hospital environments, elements which attract and build up dust and dirt must be minimised. Traditional radiator systems attract pollutants and require constant cleaning by the staff. Radiant panels have a smooth surface, which does not collect impurities and thus facilitates work.

In addition to the challenges described above, traditional heating and cooling systems create draughts and cause air movement. Moving air carries impurities – in the worst case scenario, mould and bacteria built up in the system due to moisture.

Design challenges in special category hospital spaces

Hospital environments contain very different spaces designed for a variety of functions and processes running at the same time. ItuGraf is able to meet many challenges for heating and cooling solutions in hospital environments. Radiant system creates ideal conditions for both the patients and the staff.

In operating rooms, top class hygiene and excellent working conditions without any draughts or noise are of the utmost importance. A quick-to-respond radiant panels keep the conditions pleasant regardless of the loads and the fluctuations therein.

In patient rooms with more than one bed and in recovery rooms, for example, every patient has individual needs for temperature. Thanks to the radiant panel system, each patient can control the temperature in their own space with a panel-specific thermostat and controller without affecting other patients in the room.

Isolation rooms as well as positive or negative pressure rooms require that the cooling and heating system and the ventilation are seamlessly integrated. As the heating and cooling realised with radiant system causes no air movement, the ventilation can be designed as an independent entity.

The panels can be custom-made in any size and all RAL colours, either with a smooth or perforated surface. Finished product models are available for CAD design software.

ItuGraf provides excellent energy efficiency

A radiant system delivers outstanding energy efficiency. Compared to traditional systems, the savings can reach as high as 40%. The CE approved panels are made of incombustible, corrosion-free material and are suitable for all energy sources. ItuGraf generates LEED points as an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly system.

Ease of installation

ItuGraf integrates easily with suspended ceilings and other building engineering structures to form an aesthetic whole. There is no need for separate outside units or condense water drainage, for example. In addition, the system is virtually maintenance-free. In hospitals, the panels are ordinarily mounted on suspended ceiling structures to ensure the best possible hygiene. Alternatively, the solution can be realised with area installations.