Brand new ItuString+

Itula launches brand new ItuString+ radiant ceiling panel model

The outcome of an extensive R&D project, ItuString+ is sturdier and even easier to handle than its predecessor. A strong reinforcement bar prevents bending during handling and ensures that the radiant ceiling panel retains its shape during installation so that the capacities measured in the laboratory can also be achieved in practice. Due to the new rivet fastening system, the product’s structure is even lower, and the risk of damage during handling is minimal when sharp-edged screws have been replaced with round-edged rivets. Changes in the fastening technology have also made it possible to improve the production process so as to generate the minimal amount of dust and dirt that might stick to the product.

High-quality felt-coated mineral wool is used as the standard insulation in the ItuString+ panel. Customers can change the insulation to a more hygienic, dust-free polyester fibre insulation if required by the building’s specifications.

A more efficient production process guarantees a competitive price

ItuString+ radiant ceiling panels are manufactured in Ruokolahti. A fast and flexible production process ensures that our customers are always offered a competitive price for their projects and that the products are delivered to the site quickly.

The advanced radiant ceiling panel allows for easy integration of building technology terminals

The most important thing for us in project planning is that our customers always obtain the solution that best suits their requirements and the needs of the site. ItuString+ radiant ceiling panels can thus be customised in a number of different ways according to our customers’ wishes.

Lighting, fire protection products and various monitoring sensors, for example, can be integrated into the ceiling panels. When a radiant ceiling panel acts as a mounting platform for other technical terminals and sensors mounted on the ceiling, the cost of hanging is reduced and the devices can be placed in exactly the right place. As the panels can be used in sports facilities, they come equipped with a ball guard, which prevents balls from staying on the panel and protects it from impacts.

ItuCalc makes planning risk-free

Planning is easy and risk-free with the ItuCalc calculation tool. Designers can use the updated ItuCalc calculation tool to define the connections and dimensions of the radiant ceiling panels so that the panels work under the operating conditions in a turbulent flow range, providing optimal power. Designs for radiant ceiling panels and compatible valves, actuators and pump groups can be saved in the projects, and designers can download the design material for their projects as required.

As a registered ItuCalc user you can take advantage of the tool free of charge in all your projects, and you always have access to the tool’s latest features.

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