ItuGraf – Advanced system as a building technology installation platform

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The ItuGraf heating and cooling panel system provides numerous significant benefits for your indoor air and energy efficiency. Our state-of-the-art panel system also functions as the perfect platform for your building technology. We can tailor a solution that incorporates the building technology devices and control sensors designed for your space in the best possible way. The customer can choose lighting as well as fire protection products, air terminal devices, electrical and data sockets and a access panel with valves and actuators as part of the ItuGraf panel. 

The pre-installed assembly at the factory increases cost efficiency, speeds up the site process and improves the quality of construction. The panels can be equipped with building technology terminal devices and monitoring sensors at the factory, leaving only the connection and check-up to be carried out on the site.

LED lights can be integrated into ItuGraf panels, which makes it possible to design and create the ideal light distribution for the room. Lighting options include Stripe and Round luminaires.  The selection and placement of the luminaire type is always designed according to the lighting requirements of the room. The lighting is controlled via an ON/OFF system, DALI system or wireless system depending on the customer’s needs. The integration of LED luminaires into the panel reduces the amount of installation work on site.

Unique integration possibilities, photo

In order to make adjustments and maintenance work easier, any valves or actuators that are part of our system can be fitted behind an access panel. Our standard solution includes an access panel, Oventrop AQ valve with actuator and shut-off valve.

The ItuGraf is an excellent mounting platform for fire protection products such as sprinkler heads and smoke detectors. The panels can be equipped with special installation holes for these products. The integration of an air terminal devices into the ItuGraf panel is also easy and ensures the optimal placement of the devices in terms of air distribution.

When panels are installed above workstations, electrical fittings can be easily brought accessible to the workstations using the panels. Electrical and data sockets are installed on the mounting plates that are fixed onto the cable tray on top of the panel.

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You can find more detailed information about different solutions in the ItuGraf  Integrations brochure!