ItuGraf brings speed and efficiency to residential construction

The hydronic ItuGraf radiant ceiling system is an ideal solution for heating and cooling of residential buildings from the perspective of both the resident and the builder. For the resident ItuGraf always means a pleasant and even temperature, draft-free cooling and room-specific adjustment. The fanless system is also allergy friendly. ItuGraf gives a free hand to architecture and interior design, as the ceiling-mounted system does not interfere with the placement of furniture, doors and windows.

For the builder the best aspects of ItuGraf are the improved efficiency of the construction process, which is created by avoiding the creation of thick intermediate floors and long drying times. The ItuGraf system is long-lasting and its operating costs are exceptionally low. The system has no parts that need to be replaced or cleaned and does not require condensate drainage. The fast responsiveness of the advanced radiant panel and the efficient heat and cold transfer make heating and cooling energy efficient.

Learn more about the recently published ItuGraf in residential buildings brochure.