ItuGraf integrates into any ceiling chosen by your architect

Finnish-made ItuGraf heating and cooling panels can be customised in numerous ways to suit different spaces. Various size, colour and surface options are available as well as device integrations, and there is also a ceiling panel model that blends almost invisibly into any ceiling designed by your architect. ItuGraf ceiling models allow you to design a space on the basis of its architecture, and you can be sure that the panels look consistent with the selected ceiling system.

ItuGraf ceiling models can be integrated with the Ecophon and Rockfon T24 ceiling systems. The suitable Ecophon models are the A, Dg, Ds, E and Lp edge models in the Focus range and the A, Ds and E edge models in the Master range. ItuGraf panels match the Rockfon ceiling systems' edge models A, E, M, X and Z. ItuGraf ceiling panels are suitable for a 600-mm wide grid.


ItuGraf Model A

Model A has a visible grid, and it gives a room a sturdy and even appearance. ItuGraf Model A is compatible with the A edge model in the Ecophon Focus and Master ranges as well as with the Rockfon Model A. Unlike the other edges, ItuGraf Model A can be used with the T15 grid.

ItuGraf Model E

Model E has a recessed visible grid that highlights each individual panel and creates a shadow effect on the ceiling. The visible surface of each tile is 10 mm below the grid. ItuGraf Model E is compatible with the E edge model in the Ecophon Focus and Master ranges as well as the Rockfon Model E.

ItuGraf Model Dg / M

Model Dg / M has concealed support edges that create an appearance of individual panels. ItuGraf Model Dg / M is compatible with the Dg edge model in the Ecophon Focus range and the Rockfon M edge model.

ItuGraf Model Lp

The unique semi-concealed grid system of the Model Lp can be used to highlight direction in a room. The longer sides have a wide gap between the panels while the connections on the shorter sides are less visible. ItuGraf Model Lp is compatible with the Lp edge model in the Ecophon Focus range.

ItuGraf Model Ds / X

Model Ds / X has a symmetrical edge design and there is a narrow groove between the panels. This model is suitable for spaces where a suspended ceiling with a concealed grid is required. ItuGraf Model Ds / X is compatible with the Ds edge model in the Ecophon Focus and Master ranges and the Rockfon X edge model.

ItuGraf Model Z

Model Z highlights direction in a room with a distinct groove in one direction and a small bevel in the joint in the other. ItuGraf Model Z is compatible with the Ecophon Z edge model.

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