Itula has hired Christian Schweyer as Head of International Sales and Purchasing

Itula strengthens resources to increase the export of ItuGraf and ItuString+ radiant ceiling systems. Christian Schweyer will join the export sales team of Itula as Head of International Sales and Purchasing. Mr. Schweyer has a strong experience in heating and cooling systems, as well as in business management and export sales. In his new role, he will be responsible for the development of export in Central Europe.  Contract of employment comes into force on 1 January 2021.

Chairman of the board of Itula, Jukka Itkonen, tells that the relationship between Itula and Christian is actually nothing new because they have known each other for decades.

- We have made the best deal of the Autumn. Christian Schweyer will join the Itula team on 1.1.2021. Christian is one of the best experts in our industry in Europe, so we believe we have received the resource that will help us achieve our growth goals in the export market. We have known each other on a personal and corporate level for a couple of decades, so we can immediately focus fully on the business instead of understanding the cultures. Christian is a genuine European; French when you need a jovial human encounter, a skilled German engineer and a honest Finn with a greedy sense of humour. Welcome to Itula Team Christian, says Mr. Itkonen.

Christian Schweyer believes that the cooperation will open new doors for Itula in Europe. He is happy to have an opportunity of utilizing his knowledge of radiant heating and cooling systems in his new role.

- Almost 20 years ago we started our pioneer work together (Jukka and myself – that time working for Zehnder) creating and developing radiant ceiling systems for heating and cooling in Finland. Joining Itula Oy is like feeling new born, having a new passion! Today I am really excited to share my world wide experience in the radiant heating and cooling field with Itula becoming a more than 100% Itula member! We will become a more international acting company, open-minded to our partner needs in Europe… merging our long experiences and spreading our common understanding of success and business throughout Europe while always keeping the focus on energy saving systems and green thinking, says Mr. Schweyer.

Video: Christian introduces himself