Itula's preparation for the effects of coronavirus


The coronavirus has affected the daily lives of all of us, and we at Itula are also involved in addressing the challenging situation at all levels of our operations. Protecting our health and well-being and continuing our client work and projects are our top priorities. Responsibility is emphasized in all our work.

As far as possible, our staff does telework. We have provided the workplace with the safest working conditions possible, considering the situation, and have been particularly careful about hygiene to minimize the risk of infection. Those suspected of being infected and those with even mild flu symptoms have been instructed to stay at home, follow the instructions of the authorities and seek treatment if necessary. We have limited business trips to a minimum and instructed our employees to do so also during their free time. Those returning from abroad and/or otherwise exposed to infection are subject to quarantine or telework. We follow the guidelines and recommendations made by the Finnish Government and the Finnish institute for health and welfare.

Our experts are available

So far, all appointments have been changed to be held remotely or rescheduled to be held later.

We operate under abnormal rules until it is safe to revert to our old operating models.

Otherwise, we will normally be able to reach you remotely, and we will ensure that work continues and that we can deliver on our promise even in challenging circumstances. In these exceptional circumstances, cooperation and an open attitude are even more important.

Based on the current information, there will be no delays or other issues caused by the corona in future deliveries. We will of course inform our customers and partners of any changes to our service delivery. In all situations and questions, you can contact your contact person at Itula.

Let's take care together in a responsible way to keep our loved ones and ourselves safe.