A new version of ItuCalc is now available!

ItuCalc new version photo

A new V2 development version of the ItuCalc calculation tool was released on Monday 7 October 2019, enabling designers to calculate the heating and cooling powers of the ItuGraf and ItuString panels for their projects. The calculation tool also helps to select compatible valves, actuators and pump groups for radiant ceiling panels. User feedback and the latest product developments have been implemented in the new version.

After the upgrade, the tool includes the following new features:
  • Possibility to transfer the ItuGraf panel visualisation resulting from the calculation into a CAD programme in the DXF format.
  • Heating and cooling capacities can be calculated for all standard ItuGraf panels in widths of 595 mm, 895 mm and 1,190 mm, and in lengths of 590–2,990 mm.
  • Possibility to choose the installation method for ItuGraf panels and its effect on performance. For example, the Ecophon and Rockfon edges are available for ceiling models.
  • Possibility to calculate the combined capacity of two ItuGraf panels of different lengths installed side-by-side or in a formation and to visualise and transfer it into a CAD programme.
  • Improved input methods for starting values – the programme remembers the heating/cooling starting values, making it easier to simulate and calculate various sizes and combinations.
Setting up the programme and registration

You can access the programme free of charge by registering at www.itula.fi/itucalc/. Once registered, you will receive your personal username and password by email the next business day at the latest.