The success of the ItuString+ system as a heating system for sports venues is increasing

Teho Sport Areena 2

The Finnish ItuString+ heating and cooling panels have proven their functionality as a heating system for various sports venues. The advanced low-energy system provides first-class conditions for sports and at the same time helps to significantly reduce the energy consumption of properties.

Especially suitable for high spaces, ItuString+ is an excellent solution for sports centers, which aim to encourage people to exercise by enabling suitable conditions. From the point of view of indoor conditions, it is important that the heating implemented with the radiant ceiling system does not affect the air movement, so that no draft is created in the room and dust and other contaminants do not spread with the air. This also makes it easier to clean the premises. The high-quality Oventrop Cocon QTZ control valves are used to adjust the radiant ceiling panels, which means that the system works evenly in all heating

Kostia Areena ItuString radiant ceiling panels
The Kostia Areena sports center in Pälkäne has excellent facilities, especially for playing ball sports.

The sturdy ItuString+ heating and cooling panels are not annoyed by flying balls. If necessary, the panels can be equipped with a protection ball guard, which allows the flying balls to roll back to their owner on top of the panel.

The modular design of the ItuString+ panels allows installations in all locations. The lightness of the ceiling panels and the high-quality mounting accessories make the system easy to install. As the use of the space changes, the ItuString+ system can be easily modified afterwards.

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