Sipoo Distribution Centre

Description of the project: Sipoo distribution centre

S Group’s consumer goods logistics centre in Sipoo’s Bastukärr opened in March 2012 and boasts the most advanced HVAC solutions. The goal of minimising the centre’s CO2 emissions is in line with S Group’s strategic targets and is achieved by the energy source and energy-efficient heating and cooling system chosen for the centre.

- Minimising CO2 emissions is our number one goal, with energy efficiency naturally also being important to us, says S Group’s HVAC Project Manager Hannu Hyvärinen.

With a volume of roughly 1.1 million cubic meters, even the smallest increase in energy efficiency translates into a substantially lower energy bill. All warehouse and production facilities at the Sipoo distribution centre are cooled and heated with radiant ceiling panels supplied by Itula, which have also been installed in some of the centre’s offices. Approximately 85–90% of the total floor area is heated and cooled by Itula panels.

- In my opinion, radiant ceiling panels are the best solution for facilities with high ceilings. We’ve only used the system for one year but we can already tell that it really works, says Hyvärinen.

The Sipoo distribution centre has been awarded for its environmental performance with an international BREEAM Excellent certificate. This award has been given to just three new build properties in Finland, two of which are office buildings. The distribution centre has so far scored the highest rating (75.5%) of all the BREEAM-certified new build developments in Finland.