Housing Cooperative Koralli

Description of the project: Housing cooperative Koralli, Savonlinna

This development, which is located in the heart of Savonlinna, contains flats and commercial premises and is built to the highest quality standards. The property’s developer and founding contractor Reporakennus Oy chose geothermal heat pump technology and an ItuGraf radiant heating and cooling system as the backbone of the building’s HVAC system. The advanced radiant ceiling panels bring about significant cost savings.

- When we started the project, we had in mind the principle that we were not developing another mass-produced property. Using renewable energy, and heating and cooling solutions that improve residents’ comfort aligns with our values as a company. As such, it was only natural for us to go with Itula’s radiant ceiling system, says Reporakennus Oy’s CEO Kari Repo.

- This wasn’t our first time working with the Itula system as we also chose it for one of our previous developments. The development in question is winter boat storage for luxury yachts, where the radiant ceiling system has halved energy costs compared with solutions such as traditional forced-air central heating systems. At Koralli, Itula’s radiant ceiling system also has the advantage of distributing warm and cool air considerably more evenly compared with other technologies, Repo concludes.