Description of the project: Medikro, Kuopio

Medikro Oy, based in Kuopio, designs, manufactures and markets medical devices and systems for the diagnosis and monitoring of lung diseases. In January 2014, the staff of Medikro relocated to new premises where different operations, such as the testing of flow meters, take place. The test facilities and desire for a comfortable working environment require even temperature conditions, which is made possible by the ItuGraf radiant ceiling system.

- The Medikro team consists of a tight-knit group of highly skilled experts who are involved in R&D, testing, marketing and everything in between. The team works hard, which is possible thanks to the excellent indoor climate quality that requires the heating and cooling system to maintain an even temperature throughout the year. Even temperature conditions are also needed in the upstairs assembly facility, especially for testing flow meters, says Medikro’s Mikko Eloranta.

Medikro sisältä.jpg

Medikro’s new premises in Kuopio are heated and cooled by geothermal heat pump technology. The technical planning of the HVAC system of Medikro’s new building was overseen by Engineer Miikka Tiihonen, from the engineering company Insinööritoimisto J. Markkanen Oy, who explains that the decision to go with radiant ceiling panels had already been made at the planning stage.

According to Tiihonen, maintaining even temperature conditions was a central, but not the only, reason for choosing ItuGraf.

- Radiant ceiling panels allow the ambient temperature to be decreased during the heating season and increased during the cooling season without affecting environmental comfort. What’s more, it saves energy, Tiihonen concludes.