Medisiina D

Description of the project: Medisiina D, Turku

The Medisiina D building is a modern working and learning environment for medicine in the Kupittaa district in Turku, Finland. The University of Turku, Turku University of Applied Sciences and the Hospital District of Southwest Finland will be among the organisations operating in the building owned by The University Properties of Finland. The ItuGraf radiant ceiling heating and cooling system provides comfortable, steady heating and cooling in the building without draughts. 

The Medisiina D building was completed in the Kupittaa area in Turku in spring 2018. The building has about 26,000 gross square metres of floor space and a total of ten floors, eight of which are functional. Organisations started moving in in May, and in autumn Turku University, Turku University of Applied Sciences and the Hospital District of Southwest Finland will begin their operations in the new premises.

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Pleasant conditions for all areas 

A large building that serves more than 2,000 people every day will inevitably set high requirements for building technology. The ItuGraf system by the Finnish company Itula was chosen to deliver the heating and cooling solution for the premises. The ItuGraf radiant ceiling panel system meets the indoor climate requirements set for the building. The system is intended to ensure pleasant conditions for users of every space in the building.  

- Radiant ceiling systems guarantee that the heating and cooling always works steadily and there are no draughts. That is why we chose this solution for the Medisiina D building. Office spaces must have good working conditions. Temperatures in laboratory facilities may vary considerably, so space-specific controllability and functionality are important, says Kimmo Mäkelä, project manager at SYK.

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Service-free and cost-effective solution 

Energy-efficient solutions are important for the University Properties of Finland. According to Mäkelä, solutions based on radiant ceiling panels have been found to be energy-saving. Mäkelä also points out that it is important for the system to be able to respond quickly to the environment's requirements and for temperatures to be individually adjustable in each space.  

- The aim is to guarantee optimal working conditions throughout the building. I understand that the system is also maintenance-free, and therefore cost-effective, from the property's owner’s point of view, says Mäkelä.

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- The supplier has provided us with the products exactly as we agreed, and everything has worked out perfectly. We believe and trust that the system will work as promised; that it will create comfortable indoor conditions in the building, Mäkelä sums up.