MOW Supernova

Description of the project: MOW Supernova, Tampere

The MOW – Mothership of Work – co-working space, which opened in Tampere in November 2018, offers communal and relaxed workspaces to support future work practices. The renovated premises, located beside Ratina Shopping Centre in the functionalist building that used to house the Autotuonti car dealership, are directly connected to the new shopping centre.

MOW Supernova

MOW's two-storey premises consist of unique and impressive lounge areas, workstations, offices as well as conference and event spaces. The ItuGraf radiant ceiling system provides comfortable, steady heating and cooling in the premises without draughts and meets the required standard of eco-friendliness, which was high on the list of priorities for the design of the premises. The ItuGraf panels creates ideal working conditions for users of the premises in every season.

- The starting point for the design of the premises was exciting: how to combine MOW's future of work concept and its space references with the aesthetics of the old car dealership functionalist building. We came up with a retro-futuristic theme, and the outcome is an interesting mix of new and futuristic together with old and retro, says Roosa Riski, Managing Director of Mint & More, which was in charge of the interior design.

mow neukkari

Adjustability was the basis for the design of the premises. The idea was to ensure that the premises could be modified to meet all kinds of future requirements both in terms of work practices and different companies using the spaces. As a heating and cooling system, ItuGraf is ideally suited to premises where potential future needs for adjustments must be taken into account as the radiant ceiling system can be easily modified if the function of the premises changes. Changes to walls and floors do not affect the operation of the heating and cooling system.

Other areas of focus were sustainability and eco-friendliness. The textile carpets are made of recycled plastic bottles, while the kitchen worktops are 100% recyclable recycled plastic. Most of the furniture is either vintage or manufactured locally. Smart building automation solutions ensure that power is not wasted. The premises are kept cool using the rapids in the adjacent river, and recycling is effortless. The building has also been registered for the international BREEAM environmental certificate.

- As a value-led company, we appreciated the fact that the environmental perspective had been included as the basis for the design. Special attention has been paid to ecological features and sustainable development, which is reflected in the interior design and the technical building services, says Roosa Riski.


ItuGraf panels come in a variety of colours and surface options, and they blend into the interiors of different spaces seamlessly. A standard white panel with a smooth surface was selected for MOW Supernova. In the lounge and meeting spaces, the panels were integrated with the lighting and hung from the ceiling, while in the offices, ItuGraf Model E panels were integrated into Ecophon Focus and Master ceiling solutions.

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MOW Supernova's inspiring interior design and unique features have been welcomed with great enthusiasm and interest. Roosa Riski, Managing Director of Mint & More, says that the project was challenging and interesting.

- The customer has been very happy with the result, and we also feel that we did a good jobThe premises have inspired people to see the spaces from a new perspective.