UPM Biofore

Description of the project: UPM Biofore, Helsinki

Biofore, the five-storey main office of UPM-Kymmene Oyj, was completed in December 2013. It is an impressive development not only for its architecture but also for its HVAC solutions. Built using cast-in-place concrete technology, the building is a geometric combination of glass and wood structures.

- With projects of this nature, it is of utmost importance to consider the suspended ceiling structure and HVAC system contained therein as a whole. As such, a ceiling-mounted heating and cooling system is an excellent choice for a development like this, Project Architect Mariitta Helineva explains.

The supplier of the HVAC automation and sprinkler systems, chosen by the project owner UPM-Kymmene, was Vesijohtoliike Halmesvaara Oy, which is well known in the Helsinki region for its expertise in the most demanding property developments. The HVAC design, on the other hand, was carried out by FCG Asplan Oy. Both the designer and the supplier of the HVAC system consider Itula’s ceiling panel system to be the optimal choice for the demanding project.

- The goal of achieving the highest indoor climate quality classification of S1 alone excluded most of the other options on our shortlist. It became apparent that in order for us to achieve the air supply capacity and satisfy the cooling system’s need for energy to meet the necessary air ventilation criteria, we would not be able to use solutions such as chilled beams, HVAC Designer Harry Stenvall explains.

In total, Itula supplied approximately 1500 heating and cooling panels to Biofore. Itula’s role in the project was to supply a radiant ceiling system comprising 18 different types of panels and to assist with the planning of the ceiling heating and cooling system with its invaluable expertise. The key reason for choosing heating and cooling panels was to improve the building’s environmental comfort, for example by preventing drafts. It was also easy for the contractor to trust Itula as a reliable supply partner.

- Our subcontractors helped us a great deal, and Itula was definitely one of the project’s key players. I knew from the beginning that I could rely on Itula to supply the panels as agreed thanks to my previous experience of working with them at the Glo Hotel in Helsinki, which was a success. The success story continued on the construction site of Biofore, the contractor’s Project Manager Vesa Vehviläinen concludes.