Kostia Areena, sports centre

Project description: Kostia Areena sport centre, Pälkäne

Kostia Areena was completed in autumn 2018 in a central location along the E12 motorway. The sports centre, which cost more than 6 million euros, is a major investment in sports by the municipality of Pälkäne. Kostia Areena is located in the middle of the village, and it is an excellent example of a low-threshold sports venue that particularly encourages children and young people to get involved in PE and fitness classes as well as sports clubs, and it also encourages those who are less active to take part in a variety of sports.

The sports centre, which was awarded 2019 Sports Venue of the Year, has an excellent setting, especially for playing ball games. The modern sports centre has two courts with audience facilities, one for floorball, futsal, tennis and badminton, while the other one is a full-scale basketball and volleyball court. A two-story gym is located between the two courts.

The heating in Kostia Areena has been implemented as a combination of Itula’s radiant ceiling panel systems and underfloor heating, which means that it was possible to design the best possible heat distribution method for each individual space. The outcome is an energy-efficient building with high-quality indoor conditions.

Kostia Areenan kattosäteilijät
The ceiling-mounted heating system maintains a pleasantly constant temperature efficiently and unobtrusively.

Itula’s radiant ceiling panel system keeps the sports halls heated; it works perfectly in high spaces and is protected against flying balls. The radiant ceiling panels can be equipped with a ball guard, which rolls balls back to their owner from the top of the panel.

The lobby and corridor areas as well as the gym have a different type of radiant ceiling solution; one that is commonly used in offices and residential buildings. The stylish grey ItuGraf panels integrate into the suspended ceiling almost imperceptibly. ItuGraf panels can be customised in a number of different ways according to the customer’s wishes. In addition to the size and colour of the panel itself, the customer can choose the suspended ceiling model and the lighting system to be integrated into the panel. 

Wet areas are heated by the ItuFloor underfloor heating system. Thanks to ItuFloor, the floor feels comfortable under bare feet and shower rooms dry quickly.

Heating Panels in the gym
With its excellent transformability, ItuGraf integrates seamlessly into the suspended ceiling.

Having the high-quality radiant ceiling panel systems to keep Kostia Areena warm ensures that the heating is carried out in an energy-efficient manner and that the premises always have a pleasantly even temperature. One of the best features of radiant ceiling panel systems is their ability to quickly respond to changes in temperature. High-quality Oventrop Cocon QTZ valves are used to control the radiant ceiling panels, which means that the system runs smoothly in all heating scenarios.  Radiant ceiling panels only take minutes to react to changes in internal or external loads (e.g., sunshine). In terms of indoor conditions, it is important that the heating implemented using a radiant ceiling panel system does not affect the air movement, so that no draught is created in the room and no dust or other contaminants are spread in the air.

According to Petri Ketola, Sports and Recreation Secretary at the municipality of Pälkäne, the heating system supplied by Itula has worked according to plan.

-“From the users’ point of view, the heating system is unobtrusive. This shows that the system has worked as it should, and the indoor conditions in the property are great,” says Ketola.

ItuGraf heating panels at the lobby of Kostia Areena
The heating system of Kostia Areena is the result of precise design that takes into account the individual characteristics and needs of the premises.
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