The environmental product declarations of the ceiling panels manufactured by Itula can be downloaded from the international EPD Hub database

Carbon dioxide emissions from construction play an important role in the EU's 2050 climate goals program. According to a recent study, carbon footprint calculations are only performed in less than half of construction projects [1]. The in Finland the new construction law obliges the calculation of the carbon footprint of buildings as part of the climate assessment of the building permit starting in 2025. The environmental declaration (EPD) is still currently a voluntary standardized and comparable way for manufacturers to present information about the environmental effects of the product's manufacture and enables decision-makers to make informed decisions when choosing sustainable construction products. In Finland, environmental reports are related to the laws: RaKL § 38 on low-carbon buildings, RaKL § 15 on the national emission database, RaKL § 39 on the life cycle characteristics of the building and RaKL § 139 on building use and maintenance instructions. 

The environmental statements of the ceiling radiators manufactured by Itula can be downloaded from the international EPDHub database: