Having our experts by your side from the planning stage means that you will be provided with first-class product service and system solutions that are sure to fit on site, as well as rapid responses, flexibility, reliability and technical support throughout the project.
Itula Suunnittelupalvelu

It’s easy to be successful when you work with the pioneer in that industry sector

We are constantly developing more energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions in our own laboratory. Our radiant ceiling systems are innovative and the most efficient on the market. The panel systems are designed to help builders, owners and users to carry out their operations more efficiently. We also develop and share our expertise for the industry’s benefit. Regular seminars and in-house training that we organize with our partners bring together top experts and professionals.

    Comprehensive expert services

  • Support in all stages of the project

    We support our customers in the selection of their system and focus on finding the most suitable heating and/or cooling solution for the sites requirements and our customers’ specifications. We provide site-specific cost and savings estimates so that the decision between the different options is as easy to make as possible. Other terminal devices and sensors can be designed to be integrated into our heating and cooling panels, and they can be pre-installed at our factory.

    We use simulations to compare the indoor temperatures and energy consumption achieved with different HVAC systems and room devices. We also provide model device designs.

  • A turnkey solution offers advantages

    When the system is modelled and designed, and the installation method and final look are confirmed using a mock-up room, we can be sure that the whole unit works as planned. Our customers have the total project price, without any surprises, from the outset of the project. We recommend installation companies who are familiar with our systems and have years of experience in different types of sites. By being involved from the start, we want to make sure that our customers are happy with their systems even after the warranty period expires.

  • Technical support always available

    Itula’s technical support is available to you in all situations, even if we have only supplied the materials for the site. The supply chain is intact and secured when the same partner looks after design, manufacturing and logistics.

HVAC design, HC-Engineering Oy

Established in 2008, HC-Engineering Oy is an HVAC design company specialised in energy-saving systems. HC-Engineering is part of the Itula Group. It is specialised in heating and cooling systems and related energy assessments.

  • Project planning and reports

    If necessary, we can be involved in construction projects right from the start. We design energy-efficient heating and cooling systems suitable for each site.

    In addition to our strong experience in the sector, we use dynamic simulation modelling and measured data from completed projects to compare and analyse systems. This provides a solid foundation for decisions on the suitable systems. We make preliminary plans with space requirements and give a budget for the project with the desired scope of delivery.

  • Radiant panel system design

    Energy saving targets and indoor climate requirements have significantly increased the popularity of radiant ceiling panels. We have provided hundreds of happy customers with high-quality indoor climate using radiant panel systems in our designs.

    When designing radiant panel systems, we start with the customer’s indoor climate requirements and take the design to the desired level. We can restrict our design to the selection of the panels and the sizing, as well as the positioning of the panels in the architectural designs. We can also design the entire heating and cooling networks to the heat distribution room, together with the wiring diagrams and controls, if necessary.

  • Energy simulations

    Our services also include energy simulations in various scopes. Energy simulations are used to assess the actual energy consumption and power required in a property and to compare the indoor temperatures and energy consumption achieved with different HVAC systems and room devices.

    Performing a simulation of a building or part of a building provides a realistic estimate of its energy consumption or power requirements. Our simulation software can be used to assess both temperature conditions and indoor moisture levels. We can also perform simulations of renewable energy systems and various hybrid systems. We use the latest version of the comprehensive IDA ICE software in the simulations.

Please note that there are country specific differences in the availability of our planning services. You can always contact us to ask more about the services available in your area.