ItuGraf is designed for efficient heating and cooling of offices and commercial premises, residential buildings and public spaces.

Hydronic heating and cooling panel

ItuGraf is the most efficient radiant ceiling system on the market. It is ideal for the management of heating systems in buildings of all sizes, for both new buildings and renovation projects. ItuGraf heating and cooling panels effectively create a comfortable room temperature without dust, drafts or noise, and significantly improve indoor climate. Manufactured from 100% recyclable materials, ItuGraf panels have a CE marking. They have been tested by an accredited testing laboratory in accordance with the EN14037 standard. ItuGraf panels can serve as the installation base for all building technology. ItuGraf ceiling panels give you a uniform look and colour scheme that matches perfectly with your ambiant choice.

ItuGraf benefits

  • Cost-effective investment and operation
  • Maintain a pleasant, steady temperature across the whole space without generating draft, dust or noise
  • Rapid heating and cooling
  • Ready-made ultra-low energy solution
  • Suitable to use with all energy sources
  • Meets strict hygiene requirements
  • Suitable for both new and renovation constructions - no need for condense water drainage
  • Maintenance-free and long lasting system
  • Integrates easily with suspended ceilings and other building structures
  • Designed and made by the highest quality standards in Finland
  • 100% recyclable, M1 emission class building materials

1. Planning

Planning is quick and risk-free with the ItuCalc design tool. It allows you to quickly optimise the number of panels, panel size and positioning, which saves investment costs without sacrificing aesthetic values. The ceiling panel models are saved in the ItuCalc tool, and they can be transferred to the final HVAC drawings without any errors.

2. Installation

The panels are easy and quick to install. Clear installation instructions and patented surface brackets ensure that panels are quick to mount during construction and quick to remove when ceiling surfaces need to be painted, for example. The panels are individually coded and can be packaged and delivered separately for each room/level/area on site in order to facilitate installation.

3. Operation

Desired room temperature, dust-free air and draft-free space mean S1 category indoor climate. The system is easy to use. The energy efficiency of the panel system also saves the environment.

MOW Supernova alakatto

Finally the CEILING can be designed on terms of architecture

ItuGraf ceiling models integrate technically and aesthetically perfectly into the ceiling types chosen by the architect or interior designer. Using the ItuCalc design tool to choose the ceiling models ensures that the implementation suits with the ceiling plan. Read more about ItuGraf ceiling models. 

Unique integration possibilities 

Energy-efficient ItuGraf ceiling panels can serve as support panel for other installation devices of the building technology. The panels can be equipped with lots of terminal devices and monitoring sensors at the factory, leaving only the connection and check-up to be carried out on site.

  • Lighting

    LED lights can be integrated into ItuGraf panels, which makes it possible to design and create the ideal light distribution for the room. Lighting options include Stripe and Round luminaires. The lighting is controlled via an ON/OFF system, DALI system or wireless system depending on the customer’s needs.

  • Access panel

    In order to make adjustments and maintenance work easier, any valves or actuators that are part of our system can be hidden behind an access panel. Our standard solution includes an access panel, Oventrop AQ valve and shut-off valve.

  • Fire and smoke detectors (security)

    The ItuGraf panel is an excellent mounting support for fire protection devices such as sprinkler heads and smoke detectors. The panels can be fitted with special installation holes for that purpose.

  • Electrical and data sockets

    When panels are installed above work stations, electrical fittings become easily accessible. Electrical and data sockets are fitted on the mounting plates that are fixed onto the cable tray on top of the panel.

  • Ventilation – air terminal devices

    Indoor ventilation is an important part of a healthy and comfortable work environment. The integration of an air terminal device into the ItuGraf system ensures that the air distribution is optimum.

  • Sensors – air quality, presence and motion detectors

    Modern offices and meeting rooms are equipped with sensors that improve efficiency, security and comfort. The monitoring and measuring instruments ensure that the air quality remains optimum during the various uses of a space, which saves energy without sacrificing comfort and ensures that spaces always have the best possible conditions.

Brochures and instructions

From material bank you can find the most important ItuGraf materials, such as product brochures and different instructions.

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