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We offer our customers energy-efficient products and our expertise in planning of heating and cooling systems.

Ideal temperatures with 30 years of experience

We offer the best expertise and energy-efficient solutions for optimal temperatures in both residential and commercial properties. Our operations are based on high-quality products and solutions, strong expertise, a trailblazing spirit and a desire to always do better. As a pioneer in the industry, we are constantly developing ever more energy-efficient solutions in our own laboratory. Our factory is the only one in Finland to manufacture radiant ceiling panel systems that save energy and the environment.

One of our guiding principles is our promise to be an expert who works closely with our customers. We are involved in most of our projects at every stage, from planning to finish. This means first-class product and system solutions that are sure to fit the site, as well as rapid responses, flexibility, reliability and technical support throughout the project.

We are part of Greenreality Network

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