Teho Sport Areena, sports and adventure centre

Teho Sport Areena
Project description: Teho Sport Areena, sports and adventure centre, Seinäjoki

The new sports and adventure centre Teho Sport Areena was opened in June 2020, as the former industrial facility was renovated into a modern sports venue. The hall covers approximately 3,000 square metres and contains four padel courts, six badminton courts, spaces for table tennis and pool tables, a café and conference facilities. The hall is heated by the ItuString+ radiant ceiling panel system, which keeps the property’s heating costs to a minimum. The hall is heated by geothermal energy.

Teho Sport Areena 2
ItuString+ is effective at maintaining a pleasant indoor environment, making exercising even more comfortable.

The hydronic ItuString+ ceiling panel system is at its best in large halls and warehouses, where radiant heating can produce up to 40% energy savings compared to conventional fan convector or radiator systems. Ceiling-mounted panels heat surfaces, not the air itself. The thermal radiation in the room feels comfortable on the skin, even if the actual air temperature is lower. This allows for optimal indoor conditions with lower temperatures, thereby saving energy.

Teho Sport Areena 3
People using the space do not even notice the radiant ceiling system operations, as it does not generate any draughts, dust or noise.

ItuString+ is ideal for sports halls, which aim to offer users first-class conditions for exercising. The fanless system does not cause any air movement, which can carry dust and other impurities, increasing cleaning costs. There are also no draughts or noise. ItuString+ reacts immediately to the need for heating, and the heat is evenly distributed across the space.

Teho Sport Areena 4
If the use of the space needs to be changed at any point, the radiant ceiling panel system can be easily modified to meet the new needs of the space.

The ItuString+ radiant ceiling panel has a modular structure, which makes it easy to install in any location. By connecting ceiling panels with crimp connections, it is possible to string together panels over distances of 50 metres or more. The lightness of the panels and the high-quality mounting accessories make the system easy to install.

Itula provides customers with detailed designs for all types of sites together with instructions to ensure that each system is customised to perfectly meet the site’s requirements and is easy to run.

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