Luhta House

Description of the project: Luhta House, Lahti

Luhta is one of Finland's leading companies in clothing industry. The company built their new 12-floor headquaters in Lahti, Finland. Luhta House is demanding and unique building both architecturally and technically. Office space for 300 employees completed in 15 months. 

Naturally, the satisfaction of the employees was the number one priority for the constructor when they were planning a new building. Ventilation and heating and cooling solutions affect significantly people's perception of comfort inside the building. Luhta House's heating and cooling were executed by Itula's radiant ceiling heating and cooling system.  The energy saving system meets the indoor climate requirements set for the building and guarantees that the heating and cooling always works steadily and there are no draughts. 

Different types of panels defined and delivered to the office room, the outlet store and exhibition spaces. At the outlet store panels are installed freely hanging. In other spaces panels are integrated into ceiling structures.