The animation about the building technology integration of ItuGraf panels has now been released!

Our newly released animation shows the new unique integration possibilities of the ItuGraf heating and cooling panel. The ItuGraf panel now also serves as a building technology installation platform, which can be equipped with building technology terminals and monitoring sensors designed for the room already at the factory. In this way, only the connection and inspection of the operation remain in the construction site conditions.

The ItuGraf panel can be integrated with, for example, suitable LED lights, ventilation terminals, fire and smoke detectors, sockets and data boxes, as well as various sensors. The options are varied. The panel can also be equipped with an inspection hatch, behind which the control and shut-off valves and actuators are pre-installed at the factory. Thanks to the access panel, it is easy to carry out any adjustment and maintenance work.


With the new integration possibilities, various building services terminals can be installed in just the right place when the panel is not an obstacle. For example, the designer no longer has to choose whether to place luminaires or a panel over the desktop when the option is a panel with LED luminaires. The integrations improve the cost-effectiveness of construction by reducing the amount of installation work on site, reducing errors, and speeding up the site process.

The integrations shown in the animation are examples of different implementation options. You can ask more about the compatibility from our experts.

The panel shown in the animation is the ItuGraf Model Ds / X, which is suitable for use with the Ds edge model of Ecophon's Focus and Master suspended ceiling systems and the Rockfon X edge model.

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